Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dj Tonio & Al Ferox - Bionik

This is a Cocoon classic from when it used to play much tougher techno, I do love it!  I could go crazy to this and hope I get the opportunity one day!

Die Vögel - Blaue Moschee

One of Sven Vath's favourite tunes (in case you don't know me, I am Sven/Cocoon obsessed) - heard him play this at matter on a crazy Sven crowd-surfing night back in April and the place went crazy.

So many people love this.

It's the tune with the trumpets.

Chris Simmonds - I Changed My Mind

Another vocal house tune - what has happened to me this year?

Frivolous - C:\ My Consciousness (Reboot Rebuttal Remix)

This is a really good, almost quite emotive minimal track remixed by one of the producers of 2009 - Reboot, who was excellent when I saw him at matter for Cocoon.

Lumidee - Never Leave You (Luciano Bootleg Mix)

Yeah I know it is from last year (I'll probably at some point list all the tracks I have ever loved when I get around to it so you'll have to forgive a few old ones)...goes to show the minimal/underground house thing can be fun!

Cassius - Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes (Radio Slave Remix)

Quite a lively and techy tune.  I have so many Radio Slave tunes/remixes in my collection, always been a big fan.

Automat - The Rise The Advance The Genius

I think this is from 1978, sounds way ahead of its time in a kind of dramatic 80's sounding electro-disco.  Almost expect to hear it on Scarface.

Azoto - Any Time Or Place

A bit of classic disco from 1979 - fun music :-)

Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes

Another top disco tune

Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight

Glorious beautiful disco track - a full 9 minutes long.  Perfect for the end of the night.

Tensnake - Around The House

Completely different to his other track below, a rather moody minimal track, still very good.

Tensnake - Coma Cat

This has been around a fair few months but I have only recently worked out what it is called - it has such a good feeling to it, very summery with bits of vocals!  Absolutely love this.

Arnaud Le Texier - Ivory Machine

Good piano-based minimal track - maybe it is house?

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - The Pussy Shepher

Another deep house track I really like - I must be going soft?

Sadly, the full track is not available on Youtube.

Basti Grub - Negro

Back to housey normality, with an African chanting twist this time.

Sadly not available on Youtube.

Circus Contraption - Drunkard's Dream

OK this is one of my silliest music discoveries ever - but quite catchy in a banjo circus kind of way.

Shimmy Sham Sham 002

This was one of my tunes of the summer but I am yet to hear it anywhere.  Maybe I will have to wait until next year?  Maybe it is just a bit too summery!

Nina Kraviz - I'm Going To Get You

I'm not normally a huge fan of deep house, but this is rather lovely and has a nice vocal too...oooh!

Alan Fitzpatrick - Face Of Rejection

This is lovely tough techno, quite adorable.  Very much the kind of thing that Chris Liebing would play.

Egbert - Vreugdevuur

One of many tracks on Cocoon that I am really liking, though this was released in 2009, I have only just discovered it.

Al Usher - Lullaby For Robert (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

I love all this space disco kind of stuff by the likes of Prins Thomas - so floaty and dreamy but yet I could still dance to it.

Cabin Fever - The Morning Song

A nice simple 10 minute long house track, rather minimal too.

Sadly only a cut version available on Youtube.

James Ruskin - The Outsider (Luke Slater's ME Remix)

This is much more banging techno than I would usually go for - I used to be a massive Luke Slater fan back in my early 2000's techno love, when I preferred my techno to be about 140bmp!

Sadly not available on Youtube.

Johnny D - Point Of No Return

I have loved many tracks from Johnny D over the years and this is no exception, quite a simple house track

Horatio - Sing With The Swing

Perhaps a little silly, I do like the odd quirky song in with all my 15 minute long minimal tracks