Thursday, 30 September 2010

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and dOP – Discotheque

Oh this is so gentle and musical, floating away in a basket of minimal musical love.  Oh this is as my friend Zoe would say, “lush” in a Welsh accent, you need to soak up the instruments.

Delano Smith – A Message For The DJ

I’m not totally convinced that enough has been done with this track, it is crying out for a remix to give it a bit more oomph.  Which is ironic as it is in your face asking for it on the vocals.  But it definitely has something.  Anyone care to remix it for me?

Way Out West – Ultraviolet (Guy J Mix)

Well this little number doesn’t really start off as anything, I was thinking maybe early Eric Prydz but then a disco thing happens, and it floats along quite-trance like, in a progressive way to a very satisfactory conclusion.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Gathering – In My System (Jef K Remix)

I first heard Ricardo Villalobos play this at fabric in March (how often do I say this?!) – I liked it a lot on first listen but message boards went crazy about this, and after a few listens I fell in love.  Deep, soulful and vocal-led, beautiful house music – really does something for me, hot hot house music.

Ryan Davis – Zodiac

This is a nice Border Community – style electronic track – think James Holden.  Not heard anything from that label in a long while, have they died a death?

Azari & III – Hungry For The Power

This sounds ridiculously old, like 80’s house and it sounds so good in a 2010 style.

Hey Karolin – Sleeping, Dancing, Laughing

Ooh this does something for me in a way that very few minimal tracks do nowadays, definitely a beginning of the night track, bits of vocals and lots of strange twisted sounds.

Tiefschwarz – Find Me

This is a really rather deep and minimal vocal house track, definitely has a soul to it – and Tiefschwarz are fabulous – every year for years they have done something great and yet they keep managing to keep it different every year.

Clement Meyer – A Bucket Of Blood

One assumes this is what a bucket of blood sounds like inside.  Dark, brooding and techy.  I like.

MRS – Shaun

I have a very close and delightful friend called Shaun so approached listening to a track, clearly named after him, with great trepidation.  I am delighted to report that it is an excellent warbling minimal number.

Electric Jones - Nasty's Party (Jamie Jones Edit)

Jamie Jones really does know how to bring the funk back to the dancefloor – possibly the DJ that I haven’t seen that I most want to see.  Fantastic stomping house music.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Terence Fixmer - Electric City (Function Remix)

This won’t be most people’s cup of tea I suspect, a dark and moody piece of minimal.

The Revenge – Forever In Their Debt (The Revenge’s Pitched Down Mix)

Never heard of The Revenge, sounds like a band?  This is slowed-down Chicago house to me, and I am liking anything a bit slow at the moment.

Ben Klock – Red Alert

Not normally a fan of Ben Klock, but this is a rather excellent stomping dark techno track, perfect for a little bit of Monday anger!

Joris Voorn – The Secret

Joris makes some amazing stuff sometimes, but equally some really dull and predictable stuff too.  This falls into the first category, a very upbeat Cocoon-like affair which just sounds fantastic, even for a Monday!  I recommend a listen (as I do to all the tracks here!).

Friday, 24 September 2010

Salvatore Freda - Irpinia (Massimo Di Lena remix)

I have listened to this track three times in a row now, and my feet are merrily dancing away.  I hadn’t actually heard this track before I clicked play (which is unusual for good tunes given how many DJ sets I download and listen to), this seems to be a hidden gem of a jacking house track, lots of excitement going on in it and lots of reasons to get people on the dancefloor, and those on the dancefloor to make some moves, loving this!  And to think just 30 minutes ago I thought today had no significance…oooh!  Yum yum. - Sing And Blow At The Same Time

This is definitely a party house track, such a good vibe to it.  Was feeling a tad uninspired today until I heard this, oooh will a smile break out on my face soon?  Quite a bit of randomness going on, with bits of instruments, crowd noise and talking too.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Muravchix - Replicants Lament

Brilliant bit of new Italo-disco, loving the synth stabs.

Unfortunately no Youtube video on this one, so you will have to do with a sample from Juno.  Or go and seek it yourself.

If anyone finds a link please do let me know.

Lee Jones - Yoyo

This is a stunning piece of minimal, almost orchestral in its beauty, oh and when the kick comes back in, assuming you notice it, oh it is magical.

James Flavour - Whos In The House

I heard Ricardo play this a fair few months back, and I think it is garage.  I mean, look at the name.  Everyone else says it is house, and ok it has a 4-4 beat but so did a lot of 90’s garage prior to two-step which is the garage that most people know.  This is definitely groovy and most danceable.

Soul Clap & Sergio Santos – Michael Went To Heaven

This is just beautiful and floaty and a little bit Michael Jackson – on Wolf & Lamb of course!

Stevie Wonder – All I Do (U-Tern Disco Edit)

A bit of Stevie Wonder?  What is happening to me?  Rather soulful and a bit of disco, it is rather good.  Recommended to me by my good friend Matt Powell a few months back.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Electric Jones – Hot Natured

Oh my, they just get better and better, guess what label it is on?  I promise I will find something on a different label one day soon, but for now enjoy more lovely slow-favoured house music from over the pond.

No Regular Play – Owe Me (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

More Wolf & Lamb love – will I ever tire of this?  I hope you love it too.

Wolf & Lamb – If U Had (Shaun Reeves Edit)

More lovely slow house, yes more vocals too, from the irrepressive Wolf & Lamb.

Jamie Jones & Gadi Mizrahi – Nasty Things

This is house music at its sexiest, I absolutely love this – unsurprisingly it is on the Wolf & Lamb label, and I love everything Jamie Jones does and this is no exception, fully recommended at once!

Wolf & Lamb – Must Be Brooklyn

More slow house, or perhaps slow minimal – slominal?  Shaun, where are you?

Nicolas Jaar – The Student Hairstyle

Slow, of course, just like me on Mondays, but rather dark and minimal too.  Also like me on a Monday.  Just how good is he?  Not like me on a Monday.

Sadly not available on Youtube at the moment :-(  So don't buy it.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Clickbox – Bad Fish

A disco-minimal style track that I’ve heard Magda play – alas not live

Mendo – Aventuras

Fairly minimal track that Luciano was playing loads last year, only just worked out what it was as I am so-2009, it sounds like it continually says “Richie Neville”, it is rather repetitive but hey I like repetitive music.

The Human League – Together In Electric Dreams (Extended Mix)

OK I am a closest Human League fan.  Although I probably haven’t heard any more of their tunes…or have I?

The Human League – Don’t You Want Me

Ok I admit it, I like the original too.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Human League – Don’t You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix)

Am I allowed to like this?  Of course I am!  It is the version without vocals though which has more appeal, I know what they are on the off-chance I want to sing along.

Zev – This Feeling

I love just about everything on Wolf & Lamb – no in fact I love everything.  A house tune this time, not quite a leisurely as much of their stuff.

Perc – Work Softer (Matador Remix)

A rather dramatic piece of techno.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tim Xavier – No Day Like Thursday

Ah this made it worth getting out of bed this morning, a rather funky little minimal number which warbles about the place.

Welcome To My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.

The purpose of this is to display all my favourite newly discovered tunes - well not all will be new, I will also post tunes that I discovered a few years ago or many years ago.

Hopefully it will provide you with some entertainment and something to listen to, or maybe even inspire you!

Ron Hardy - Sensation

I heard Ricardo play this at fabric, another one which the crowd went crazy for, despite it being recorded in the mid-1980's.

It is a little odd sounding as it seems to go a bit backwards, certainly not conventional, but definitely great!

MMM - Nous sommes MMM

This one has been doing the rounds, it is featured with a massive rave synth, very unusual for recent years - I first heard Ricardo Villalobos play it at fabric in March, and also heard Steve Lawler and Sven Vath play it, it seems to have quite a wide appeal - and I love it!