Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Shifted – Cold Light (Sector C)

Really energetic techno, kind of similar tempo to what Ricardo surprised us with at fabric very recently.

Freaks – Instrument (Soul Capsule On It Mix)

One very addictive minimal loop with the word ‘freaks’ occasionally.

Mark Reeve – Planet Green

Techno for repeatedly rolling around in mud with Vikings.  Bosh.

Julien Bracht – Acheronian

This is such a Sven track.  A growling, rumbling monster like the belly of John Prescott.

Daniel Bell – Science Fiction

I love music with sirens, I am drawn to sirenetic tracks like fraudsters are drawn to working in Italian politics.

Regal - Pulzar

Twisted acid techno stomper.  Turn it up loud.

Brassroots – Good Life

This is a brass band version of Inner City’s house classic.  Superb.  Impossible not to like this

Sha Lor – I’m In Love

This is uber-cool, a disco feel house track about being in love, sounding very 80’s.  Such a catchy hook.  I guess she sings it about gravy.  It does drift a little towards the finish but doesn’t detract from a very cool beautiful track.

Johnwaynes – Wet

There is only one thing this track is about and it isn’t rain.  Hot, dirty little secret house track.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fafa Monteco - Disco CIty

This reminds me of the disco-house sounds that I used to dance to in the late 1990's, really happy feeling, filtered house.  Something Daft Punk's forebears may have made.