Thursday, 29 August 2013

Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire – Aire

Dubfire is the most dull DJ I have heard in a long time but still retains the capacity to produce a storming techno track, especially when in cohorts with Oliver Huntemann.

Bring back Deep Dish!

Theo Parrish – Pop Off

Theo Parrish is a class act and this is one classy funkin mother.  I think I have found a weapon of mass destruction.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ghettozoid – Boy Toy (House of Black Lanterns Remix)

This is sick.  Lovely deep sinister bassline, on fabric’s new label.  And it notches up the levels of darkness towards the end too.  Not quite sure about the lyrics – any overly manly DJ will avoid it!

Navid Izadi – Feelin’ Purple (Soul Clap Remix)

The best boss I ever had was obsessed by Prince.  I find such re-edits rather cool and I have obsessively listened to this 3 times in a row.  Very cool.

Clockwork & Chasing Kurt – Running Searching

I don’t post many vocal-heavy bassline-gorged tracks nowadays but this is a fabulous little ditty with an unexpected pleasant little ending.  A set starter.

Kris Wadsworth – It’s Time

Detroit shit.  As cool as a dilapidated multi-storey car park in winter.  An understated monster.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Chris Tietjen & Ricardo Villalobos - TV Watching

Absolutely beautiful and charming, a track with such a dreamy melodic quality and those really warm, individual beats seemingly unique to Ricardo.  A stunning breakdown - would be most fitting for Cocoon closing on the terrace in Ibiza as the last track.

Also a 15 minute version but I actually prefer the shorter one.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Paranoid London – Paris Dub 1

This is simply a great underground house track, moving and emotional with a superb vocal.

Jesse Perez – Interracial Booty Calls

Got to love a bit of jacking house with a cool 80’s edge.  And of course an inter-racial booty call.

Omar S – It’s Money In The D

Gloriously melodic tech-house to finish a night on a glow, gliding you away to a realm of flowers and bubbles.

Magda – Late Night Woodward

Yes, yes yes.  I love Magda and her quirky kind of minimal style.  Everyone needs a bit of Magda in their life.

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Catz N Dogz Remix)

Oh Wow.  Da Funk with violins.  Massive but understatedly cool too.  Finally a reason to like Daft Punk again.

Note this is ripped from a DJ set (not by me!!).

Christian Burkhardt – Pianissimo (D’Julz Remix)

This is one grooving monster especially with the subtle piano-based breakdown.

Funkineven – Rolands Jam

Groovy rave synth with an acid twist, I might have to play this one day to try to spin the dancefloor.  Shame it is only 6 minutes long as this could go much further.