Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Roman Fluegel And Ricardo Villalobos - RiRom Main

I listened to this when I was feeling a little bit down one night (stupid alcohol!) after being let down, and it picked me up, it is dreamy clicky piano-based minimal and a return to form for Ricardo, for my tastes anyway.


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Scuba – Never

The other side to a superb track, Adrenaline, this is a really nice floaty melodic kind of deep trance tune.  Something a little different.


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Friday, 23 December 2011

Wham - Club Tropicana (Todd Terje Edit)

Well, it is the season to be jolly so I reckon I can get away with posting a disco edit of one of the best pop songs ever produced, if only because the video was filmed at a hotel in Ibiza - and for anyone who moans about the amount of pop stars, etc in Ibiza nowadays - a little delve into history and you will find the 1980's arguably more so.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Art Department – All Mine

I was hoping for an Art Department track that I wouldn’t list on my Top Tunes blog, but oh no, this is another cracker – you know the score by now, deep rumbling bass-lines, slow house feel with male vocals drawling on in a slightly depressive way.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Eleven Eleven - Tourist Trap (Jamie Jones Miss X Remix)

Guess what – a Jamie Jones remix that I love.  A little sinister with uncomprehendable robotic lyrics and a typical house groove, oh yeah I like this a lot.  Rumour that P Diddy has something to do with this too (ooh another reason for the haters!) but I have found no proof.

Stick it up your bum, anti-Jamie Jones snobs ;-)

Hatikvah - Big Mind

I wasn’t expecting something this good, it starts very spaced-out and kind of minimal, and doesn’t really grow much, random mumblings and a subtle bassline eventually develop.  Different, but very good.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tanner Ross & Soul Clap - The Shady Shades

Very chunky beats with a kind of 80’s house feel, nice and slow – this would go off at somewhere like fabric.  Available on Wolf & Lamb.

No Regular Play – Lookin

Wow.  The rarest of things, I went all tingly upon hearing this tune for the first time – hasn’t happened in ages!

It starts off like most of the slower house tracks, nothing especially indistinhuishable but the vocals kick in, the piano starts and then this rumbling bass…ooh!