Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Butane – A Rave Mistake

A creepy little minimal track which really does nothing at all for the first 5 minutes but then slowly creaks its way into life to make the soundtrack of your late night graveyard walk.

Yoshitaca – Whagt

This is the best deep house track I have heard in a while, it just sounds really nice like a field full of white rabbits and virgins, with some random samples.

PBR Streetgang – At Dez

This is wonderful underground house music, kept very simple, but sounds very effective.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

MANIK - Amber Knife

Another day, another MANIK track, they are really doing it for me at the moment, great bassline, great drum patterns, just a really good groovy house track.

Out on Ovum Recordings.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Yes you've heard it all before, big bassline, sumptuous melody and vocal snippets but this is just wow, proper goosebumps kind of track, I am so in love with this.

So much good stuff coming out from MANIK, nearly everything they do is on the ball.

Available on Ovum Recordings.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Untold - Motion The Dance

Proper dark disturbed techno with a really good bassline.  Don't listen to it if you are emotionally fragile!

Andrés - New For U

Wow - this is lovely, very melodic, quite upbeat house track.  Very summery.

Sante - Mothership

Another really fantastic groovy bit of underground house music, yes!

tINI - My Shine (Carl Craig Remix)

I have recently become a huge fan of tINI for her DJing, I haven't really discovered her productions yet until now, the original is ordinary, but this remix by the revered Carl Craig is superb, pulsing underground house track with nice percussion and a great beat.  Super stuff.

Donna Allen - Serious (Special Extended U.S. Mix)

Incredibly cool piece of German electro from the 80's, with a vocal that you will recognise and a delightful 11 minutes long.

David August - On My Mind

This is a pretty simple groove really, never really getting out of second gear but it is sublime.

Andre Lodemann - Where Are You Now?

This is a real quality underground tech-house track, starts really seriously with some intention and grows into a monster, changing direction at times with various synth stabs.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Junior Boys - You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix)

I really like the quirkyness of this house track - Caribou's remixes and own tracks are all unique and have these unexpected sounds in them.

It's definitely different.

Madato - She Dancer

Kind of like disco tech-house, which would make sense seeing as Magda played it.  It is rather a stand out track and one of those love it or hate it tracks.

Available on Items & Things.