Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mark Leckey - Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

I'm breaking the rule that every post is about a tune here - this is a collection of videos from the 1970's, 80's and 90's, generally about club cultures in the UK, all patched together like a strange tapestry.

The soundtrack is interesting, beautiful in it's strangeness and obscurely odd at times.  Which is probably why I like it.

It does make a lot more sense if you watch the video too.

Moodymann – Music People

This is funky as house music, really groovy, really good times, almost can feel it being played in Revolution bars circa 2005 but is far too good.  Everything Moodymann does is just exceptional.  Is funky house making an underground comeback?

Just how good is Moodymann?

Detroit heaven.

DJ Slym Fas – Luv Music

Feel good sunshine house with a little weird warbling going on under a funky sunshine filled beauty.

17 years old and counting.  Would love to hear this out.

John Roman - Petrified

A jump-up ragga-inspired mental techno track that is absolute dynamite – interestingly had the n-word removed from the original.

Out on Twin Turbo.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Margot – Magico Disco

This reminds me of LCD Soundsystem at their best, a indie-flecked electro-disco monster, clearly influenced by the likes of Moroder too.

Randomer – Curtains

I am becoming a really big fan of Randomer’s productions, this is a fairly simple stripped-back drum beat in a techno style.  It doesn’t do much but the beat is glorious.

Quite slow, a touch creepy and rather future, like the marching band of the Android Army circa 2040.

NoiDoi – Simple Strip (Rhadoo Remix)

A simple minimal percussive drum track with drops of rain, fading in and out once or twice – I have been after this for about 8 months.  Blip, blop, blip, blop, blip, blop.