Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mr Flagio - Take A Chance

Do you ever worry that a whole genre of amazing music has passed you by?

I know so little about Italo-disco, perhaps because according to Wikipedia, it was never popular in the UK unlike much of Europe.  Or perhaps because I was about 3 years old when it was it it's peak.

This is just an absolutely magic track that sounds nothing like anything produced nowadays, from 1983, a whole 29 years ago.  Shocking.  Very electronic, very disco, very synthesised.

Mark Broom – Sq18 (Rave Mix)

As it suggests, modern day rave.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hrdvsion - Prettier Than That

I'm sure I will upset techno purists with this label.  Up yours snobs!

It starts gentle and then has a break-down of the kind you might expect in an electro track before coming back in with some gorgeous thuds, its a slightly broken, jagged feel with the male and female vocals (almost sounds like a remixed pop vocal), followed by another breakdown and it kicks back in like a monster.


Makam - What Ya Doin'

First heard on the Nina Kraviz Essential Mix, a rough and ragged tech-house gem, one to shake up a sclerotic dance floor and a slightly different sound to what is popular right now.

Dusky – Flo Jam

This is a fantastic underground house groove, it is all about the groove, no big bassline, no proper vocals, just nice uplifting deep house.

Rhadoo – Bau

I don’t find much minimal now that I am into but this is a really good hypnotic percussive groove from one of the very highly regarded Romanians.

Martin Roth – Beautiful Life

Nice big bassline, lovely sweeping synths, probably would be just as good or even better without the vocal snippets but this is a lovely bit of house music.